​The unique and patented Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover is perfect on almost any form of fluid surface

Today Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover is used on almost all forms of basins, lagoons, reservoirs, containers, ponds and tanks​

Since its launch in 2004, Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover has been chosen for a vast number of installations globally, making the Hexa-Cover® the market leading solution

Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover is the ideal solution for eliminating such things as:

  • Emission
  • Evaporation
  • Organic growth
  • Odor
  • UV effect
  • Heat loss
  • Further, Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover deters unwanted waterfowls from landing on covered waters

Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover ensures:

  • Up to 99% coverage of the surface
  • Up to 95% reduction of evaporation from water surface
  • Up to 95% stable, constant reduction of emission
  • Up to 95% stable and constant reduction of odors
  • Up to 99% reduction in organic growth / algae
  • Up to 74% reduction in heat flux

Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover - Features and benefits:

  • Ease of installation with no need for any special equipment
  • Installation in both full and empty tank
  • Automatic distribution on liquid surfaces
  • Automatic adaption to changes in the level
  • Fits to all shapes and geometries
  • Easy adaption to bigger/smaller surfaces by adding/removing tiles
  • Unlimited access to the liquid
  • 10 years warranty (25+ years expected lifetime)
  • Favorable price
  • No running cost
  • No repair cost
  • No maintenance cost
  • No insurance cost
  • Unaffected by rain, snow and frost
  • Allows use of aeration to ensure aerobic conditions are maintained
  • Is "invisible" as it does not disfigure the landscape
  • Needs no supervision

Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover:

  • Is the solid, robust and long lasting solution
  • Has no weak spots, no blow- / injection holes
  • Has no hollow areas (that eventually will break)
  • Withstands rain, snow and frost

​Hexa-Cover® has no inside water as this creates risks for cracks meaning the inside water will

escape the elements and enter into the covered fluid - this can potentially pollute / change the

balance of​the covered fluid.

  • Has no openings (that eventuelly will clog due to sand, debris, algae etc.)
  • Is approved and preferred by authorities, public companies, municipalities etc. world wide
  • Qualifies for EQIP-funding in the US

Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover is the environmental friendly solution, manufactured from recycled PP with no use of i.e. Freon or any other harmful materials


Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover R90

  1. Diagonal measure: 18,0 cm
  2. Height: 5,0 cm
  3. Weight: 0,120 kg
  4. Units per m2: 43
  5. Big Bag (100 cm x 130 cm x 250 cm): 50 m2 / Approx 270 kg

Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover R114

  1. Diagonal measure: 22,8 cm
  2. Weight 0,243 kg
  3. Height 7,0 cm
  4. Units per m2: 28
  5. Big Bag (100 cm x 130 cm x 250 cm): 40 m2 / Approx 270 kg

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