The Hexa-Cover® Floating Barrier is an effective and economical way to contain trash, debris, logs, timbers and plants.

Made from a robust, impermeable PP the Hexa-Cover® Floating Barrier is equipped for short as well as long-term containment in almost any application and location.

Hexa-Cover® Floating Barrier:

  • modular (sections of 12 meter/40´)
  • very easy installed
  • requires no maintenance

​Technical specifications - standard:


Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover elements on a steel wire

Length - connection

0,15 m

​Overall height

0,228 m


0,114 m


0,114 m


Total 44 kg

Weight per. meter

3,65 kg


Impermeable injection molded PP (UV-protected)

Min. tensile strength


10,8 kN

Min. tensile strength

Wire Rope

28,8 kN

Wire Rope

7 mm – 7 x 19, DIN 3055, AISI 316


Outer diameter Ø 60 mm

Hole Ø 10

Thickness 2 mm

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8 mm, Stainless steel

Inside Length 59 mm

Inside Width 18 mm


10 mm, Stainless steel

Inside Length 90 mm

Inside Width 28 mm

Wire Rope

Crimp 7 mm Copper Talurit

​On request:

Alternative length of sections. Alternative dimensions of wire. Please contact us.


Hexa-Cover® Floating Barrier is normally delivered in 40´ HC containers.

Approx. 250 sections (each 12 meter / 40´) = 3.000 meter Hexa-Cover® Floating Barrier per container. 

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