The unique and patented Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover is perfect on almost any type of Oil & Gas tank.

Engineered and manufactured in Canada under license from Hexa-Cover® Denmark the Hexa-Cover® Oil & Gas Duty product has proven to be an effective and efficient option for hot heavy oil duty applications such as CHOPS, Diluted Bitumen SAGD.

Hexa-Cover® Oil & Gas Duty is designed to:

  • Reduce emissions such as BTEX benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene and Xylene. Eliminate or reduce water vapour that act as a carrier of VOCs that add to odour problems
  • Reduce heat loss resulting in lower operating costs. Insulation for liquid surface in a heated crude oil tank lowers operating costs for CHOPS facilities and central processing batteries.
  • Reduce offensive and carcinogenic BTEX odours.
  • Reduce tank head space corrosion by lower levels of humidity above the liquid level.
  • Reduce or possibly eliminate expensive defoaming chemicals.
  • Reduce energy needed to reach optimum process temperatures.
  • Reduce the amount of water vapour generated as steam. Steam causes icing of the thief hatch and the transport of other odours from the tank.

Hexa-Cover® Oil & Gas Duty:

  • Chemically compatible with heavy oil components up to temperatures of 100 °C and for SAGD dilbit sales tanks
  • Resistant to weight gain
  • Polymer is anti-static surface with a value of 3.7 x 1009 Ω
  • Resistant to thermal shock. Tested at -40 °C to +100 °C for sudden rapid temperature exposure
  • Can be installed while existing tanks are in operation

Oil & Gas Applications for Hexa-Cover® Products

  • Sour Sand Slurry Tanks
  • Process Water Ponds
  • Purified Tailings Ponds
  • Frac Water Tanks
  • API Separator

Specifications, Hexa-Cover® Oil & Gas Duty

  • Diagonal measure: 20.98 cm +/- .32cm
  • Height: 8.38cm +/- .127 cm
  • Weight: 286g +/- 16g
  • Density: 0.375g/cc +/- 2%
  • Plate thickness at sphere 1.78cm
  • Plate thickness at outer perimeter 1.14 +/- .127cm

​Link: Installation Map

Link: Single Tank Thief Hatch

Link: Side Door / Door Pull

Link: Multi-Tank Installation, Vertical Overflow

Link: DuPont™ show case Hexa-Cover® Oil & Gas Duty

Link: Hexa-Cover® Oil & Gas Duty - New release

For more info on Hexa-Cover® Oil & Gas Duty please contact;

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Mr. Søren Madsen, CEO

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